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Our Story

One hundred years after its great-great-grandfather, who in 1880 traded the noble spirit that is Armagnac, Maison Aurian began to develop recipes for aperitifs and liqueurs, in the heart of this generous and fertile land offered by the Gers. Craftsmen at heart, today we still advocate our values ​​of excellence and daring in the development of new recipes. Still and always a family business, there are more than 200 tests per year, distilled to give only a selection of a handful, which allows us to offer only the best to all those who appreciate our true and authentic products. The Aurian house and its small team are happy to offer you several dozen wines with fruits, herbs and other spices, liqueurs and other subtleties such as brandies, and of course Armagnac.

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Our commitments

Craftsmanship, authenticity, respect are the pillars of Maison AURIAN. We have remained true to the tradition of our products for generations. Maison AURIAN intends to develop its activity in an ecological and sustainable development approach.

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